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a guide to Ibérico cold cuts

Cold cuts is a Mediterranean tradition. A delicacy on its own, such as the ham in an ibérico platter; and even better when used as the star ingredient in dishes, such as the chorizo in tapas!

For starters, what are cold cuts? Simply put, they are cured meats that have been preserved through the process of salting, drying and aging. Curing, in the old days, was to slow spoilage and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Now, the technique is adopted for the unique texture and taste it imparts to the meat. As for its aroma, it is heavily dependent on the quality and the type of meat. Ibérico pork, made from 100% Iberian free-roaming and acorn-fed pigs, is a beloved choice for its distinctive sweetness, flavour and aroma.

We have prepared a small guide for our diners, to get you better acquainted with our selection of these Mediterranean cultural heritage.

Paleta ibérica de cebo

Señorio de Montanera

Dry-cured Ibérico shoulder ham, with an intense flavour, delicate aroma and sweet on the palate.

RM 58 / 50 grams

ibérico chorizo

Dry-cured sausage made from Ibérico pork with a complex meaty flavour. Seasoned with pimentón, or Spanish paprika which gives it a deep red colour.

RM 36 / 35 grams


Cured pork loin made from Iberian acorn-fed pigs. Its marbling gives it a rich aroma, texture and juiciness.

RM 52 / 35 grams

ibérico SalchichÓn

Dry-cured sausage made from Ibérico pork. Seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, and hung to cure in the cool mountain air for several weeks. Unlike chorizo, it is not seasoned with paprika so the pure Ibérico flavour shines through.

RM 36 / 35 grams

ibérico mortadella

Cooked cured sausage made from ground Ibérico pork, chunks of fat,spices and olives.

RM 26 / 45 grams

ibérico Sobrasada de Mallorca

Smooth, spreadable and slightly spicy, this cured sausage is traditionally made in Mallorca with Ibérico pork. Seasoned with pimentón, or Spanish paprika and hung to cure in the open air.

RM 36 / 35 grams

Subject to 10% service charge and 6% SST